Providing you the best STEM education!


Providing you the best STEM education

InterSTEM is a non-profit organization that hopes to raise awareness about the relevance of STEM-related topics to the world. Functioning mainly online, this platform offers a tutoring service for students, updates readers about current news in STEM through articles and blog posts, and plans collaborative projects between high school and elementary students. Through the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, InterSTEM provides students of all backgrounds the opportunity to explore and dive deeper into the world of STEM.

In the 21st century, no one should be denied an education or access to knowledge. However, inequalities in education spending in affluent versus disadvantaged neighborhoods are only growing wider, creating stark contrasts in the opportunities afforded to kids from different backgrounds. InterSTEM hopes to create a community with a neverending wealth of knowledge and support to satisfy the innate intellectual thirst within every student, whether through receiving additional support for a school class or conducting an independent research paper.

InterSTEM offers a plethora of opportunities to explore the STEM universe. Free tutoring in all science and math subjects from elementary to undergraduate level is offered by a large team of qualified volunteer peer tutors. Those passionate about writing can work with the editing team to publish articles on the InterSTEM blog. Our podcast, InterSTEM Talks, and guest speaker series give students an opportunity to learn more about the future of STEM in their lives. Lastly, InterSTEM’s highly selective research program helps top students conduct scientific research, get paired with university professors, and publish their own research paper.


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