Executive Board

Ryan Liu

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan is a junior at Northwood High School. Through InterSTEM, he hopes to spread his passion for STEM to less fortunate communities and create a platform where similarly-minded students can interact across the world. Ryan is most interested in mathematics and physics, and serves on the board of many school science clubs. Outside of STEM, he enjoys playing the piano, debating politics, and reading philosophy.

Minseo Kim

Chief Operating Officer

Minseo (Min) is a junior at Beckman High School. Through InterSTEM, he aims to cultivate an interest in STEM among youths of varying backgrounds. He is the president of Orange County Coder and works to share his love of computer science and programming to the community. He also enjoys participating in different academic competitions in math and computer science. Outside of STEM, he is passionate about performing magic tricks and playing guitar.

Alden Zeng

Chief Financial Officer

Alden is an incoming junior at Northwood High School who enjoys studying chemistry and its application to advancing technology. Through InterSTEM, Alden hopes to broaden his horizon on the practices of STEM and provide a platform for the younger generation to contribute their voices to a rapidly evolving community. Outside of his interests in STEM, he is also a consistent runner and a saxophone player.

Chris Song

Chief Development Officer

Chris is a sophomore at Northwood High School. He is most passionate in the fields of math and physics and is involved in multiple clubs at his school. Through InterSTEM, he hopes to utilize what he has learned and help others progress to personal goals through tutoring. Outside of STEM, he likes listening to classical music while reading academic journal articles.

Bian Lee

Chief Technology Officer

Bian is a junior at Northwood High School. He is most passionate about computer engineering and cryptography. Through InterSTEM, Bian aims to spark greater interest for the vast field of STEM and build an international community that will contribute to the rapidly progressing technology industry. He spends most of his time programming, solving cicada puzzles, as well as listening to and producing music.

Lana Hwang

Co-Chief Marketing Officer

Lana is a junior at Northwood High School who hopes to provide a collaborative space for those interested in STEM through InterSTEM’s programs. She hopes to be able to reach people in all parts of the world, especially those who live in more underprivileged areas. She is passionate about science and math, and is especially interested in clinical psychology. Outside of InterSTEM, she enjoys reading plays and is ardently interested in creative writing.

Jessica Dai

Co-Chief Marking Officer

Jessica is a rising senior at Beckman High School who harbors a love for STEM and teaching, especially in helping students find what they are passionate for. Through InterSTEM, she hopes to aid students around the globe collaborate and research topics they enjoy. She is interested in computer science but also enjoys exploring math, physics, and circuitry. Beyond InterSTEM, she is a violinist, pianist, and avid digital artist.

Ashley Lee


Ashley is a junior at Northwood High School who enjoys writing news articles and features. Through InterSTEM, Ashley hopes to provide students a platform where they can find their interests and understand the relevance of STEM-related topics to the changing world. Additionally, she enjoys reading classic literature, watching films, and going to the beach during sunsets.

Mihir Kulkarni

Managing Editor

Mihir is a junior at Northwood High School. He hopes to spread his love for STEM through InterSTEM and help make a difference in the community. His involvement in the school newspaper and the InterStem writing team has helped develop his interest in journalism. He also enjoys watching sports and participating in robotics.