InterSTEM Talks

Listen to our podcast, InterSTEM Talks, where InterSTEM Chapter Board members discuss passions, exploring STEM, finding extracurricular opportunities, tips for academic success, student research, and more. Check this page twice a month for new episodes, or find us on most major podcast platforms.

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To wrap up the COVID-19 Adaptability Series of InterSTEM Talks, the Irvine-Tustin chapter discusses the most recent statistics regarding vaccine distribution, their general estimations of when people will be inoculated with vaccine and be allowed to return to a more normal life, and their advice to peers and community members.

As a continuation of our COVID-19 Adaptability limited series, the Irvine-Tustin InterSTEM chapter invites Jenny Wheatley, president of Admissions Masters, to discuss high school internships, summer programs, and leadership adaptability throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This episode explores how students can stay motivated in pursuing opportunities during high school, and changes in the application procedure and experience during summer programs, internships, and other activities. Additionally, we discuss the changes in how colleges evaluate students' extracurricular activities and share advice on seeking leadership opportunities in your community.

How has the pandemic affected standardized testing? Stay up to date on college admissions.

Learn more about AP classes in STEM fields (Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, CS A, Psychology), and how to prepare for them.

InterSTEM discusses getting an internship/research position, preparation, and making the most of these opportunities.

Get tips on developing a passion, finding extracurricular opportunities, and exploring STEM in high school.