Advisory Board

Ian Lee

Committee Chair

Ian Lee currently attends Northwood High School in Irvine, California, and serves as a Committee Chair of the advisory board for InterSTEM. Ian is enthusiastic about learning a broad range of subjects, from music to humanities to STEM. (In younger years, Ian's curiosity has led him to attempt to learn the Arabic script and design a self-sufficient aircraft, both of which have not been successful). Particular to STEM, he is most intrigued by theoretical chemistry and hopes to learn more about the subject. Ian is also involved in Model United Nations, and enjoys playing cello.

Arul Loomba

Chief Operating Officer

Arul is a rising junior at Rancho Cucamonga High School in California. He serves as an editor for InterSTEM, and is currently the Head Ambassador for the InterSTEM advisory board. As he increases his involvement with the organizations, Arul is continuing to look for opportunities to pursue a STEM-related career in the future. He is also currently passionate about regenerative medicine and genetics, especially since starting a biotechnology club at his school. In his pastimes he loves to play tennis, learn to cook, and read books.

Simone Rothaupt

Business Development Officer

Simone is a rising junior at Thousand Oaks High School in Ventura, California. She serves as the Editor-in-Chief for the InterSTEM North Los Angeles chapter, where she manages several writers and helps to organize the Speaker Series events. As a past member of the InterSTEM Research Program, Simone enjoys exploring STEM subjects, particularly medical economics and marine toxicology. In her free time, she loves to run cross country for her high school team, cook meals for her family, and write short stories.

Gordon Chang

Business Development Officer

Gordon is a rising junior in Rancho Cucamonga High School. He serves as the business development officer for InterSTEM and is a part of the North LA Chapter. Gordon enjoys STEM-related topics, especially biotechnology. In the future, Gordon plans to pursue biotechnology and business as career options. Though he has won numerous accolades and is very busy with activities, he still finds time to do the things that he loves. In his free time, Gordon enjoys running, swimming, and watching various animal documentaries. At school, he is heavily involved with Key Club, NHS, Student Achievement, a biotechnology club, and a math society.

Cayden Ginting

Head Marketing Officer

Within InterSTEM, Cayden Ginting, a rising junior currently attending Rancho Cucamonga High School, serves as a head marketing office for the organization’s North LA Chapter. He works with his peers to better promote the organization’s initiatives, which include tutoring services, ongoing research, and much more. Although he currently does not have a set career path in mind as of now, he is still exploring my options and all that the world has to offer. Aside from academia, Cayden enjoys a variety of unique hobbies including speedcubing and performing card magic, both of which are activities he’s enjoyed since his middle school years.

Tania Firouzabady

Head Ambassador

Tania Firouzabady attends Dana Hills High School in California. She is currently the Head Ambassador for the advisory board at InterSTEM, as well as a writer and editor for the InterSTEM blog. Tania enjoys learning about science and furthering her interests in a variety of fields. At the moment, Tania is particularly interested in the use of single-atom-thick sheets for DNA sequencing and has researched the topic during the summer. Outside of InterSTEM, Tania is the president of her school’s science club, a member of NHS, and tutors students in different areas of STEM. Tania also enjoys painting and playing chess.

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