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InterSTEM's team of dedicated tutors is offering academic assistance in math, sciences, and other subjects

All tutoring sessions will be held entirely online, completely free of charge. View current courses InterSTEM offers on our Modulus page!

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Subjects We Tutor


Alebra I/II



AMC 8/MathCounts

AMC 10/12

Life Sciences

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

Celluar Biology

Genetics & Evolution

Intro to Neuroscience

Physical Sciences

AP Physics 1/2

AP Physics C

Classical Mechanics


F=ma Exam Prep


AP Computer Science A

Web Development

Data Science


ITF+ Prep (Cybersecurity)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Fill out this form to be matched with a tutor, then visit our Modulus page to sign up for classes after we confirm with you.

Are InterSTEM's tutoring services free?

Yes, our tutoring service is completely free of charge! InterSTEM's tutors are willing to work voluntarily to help out other students.

Where will the tutoring take place?

Students will engage in one-on-one lessons with a tutor through Zoom, and material will be posted on Modulus. If you have a quick question about a topic that you need help on, you can ask inside general homework-help channel on our Discord server.

How many lessons make up a course?

It depends on a specific course that you wish to take, but it usually ranges from 8 to 10 lessons.

What happens if you miss a lesson?

If you cannot make it to a lesson for whatever reasons, you must notify the tutor beforhand, and decide on a make-up date.

How can I become a tutor myself?

If you have a specific course or topic that you wish to tutor, you can fill out this form first, and go through an interview with our Chief Development Officer. Once you are approved, you will work with curriculum developers to develope a full curriculum for the course. You will be notified when a student requests for the course, then you will be paired with the student to begin your tutoring.