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  Ayush Kumar   07 Nov 2020   3 min
The discovery of a new Tetraquark in a nutshell

Ayush Kumar - Are you interested in particle physics? Do you want to uncover the underlying mysteries of matter and would you like to learn about a great discovery on quarks? Scientists have observed something unusual in the association of quarks to form matter, and here’s a chance to learn something fascinating!

  Emily Richter   24 Oct 2020   1 min
Wildfire smoke and COVID-19

Emily Richter - Poor air quality due to fires has recently been common. What happens when wildfire smoke and COVID-19 clash?

  Teddy Rosenthal   18 Oct 2020   4 min
Higgs boson giving mass

Teddy Rosenthal - In 2012, the Higgs boson was observed in a collision experiment in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. How does the Higgs boson relate to our everyday experiences in life?

  Ramizah Tayiba   07 Oct 2020   2 min
The mother of physics: Marie Curie

Ramizah Tayiba - Few scientists have left a legacy as strong as Marie Curie. Known as “the Mother of Physics,” she was the first person to win two Nobel Prizes, done all at a time where opportunities for women in STEM were rare.

  Reagan Smith   06 Oct 2020   2 min
How space fosters an interest in science

Reagan Smith - Ad Astra Academy is a non-profit working with students in underserved areas to spark an interest in STEM through short, interventional workshops.

  Angela Zhang   06 Oct 2020   3 min
The dangers of sitting and how to counter them

Angela Zhang - Sitting at home all day is an inadvertent side effect of COVID-19 that many have endured for months on end already. But what we may not realize is that the action— or rather, inaction— of sitting all day comes with its own set of side effects.

  Eric Bebenov   05 Oct 2020   3 min
Venus and Uranus: Two planets with distinct orbital characteristics

Eric Bebenov - Unlike other planets in the Solar System, Venus and Uranus experience retrograde rotation. Let’s explore and find out why.

  Patrick Nguyen   03 Oct 2020   4 min
The miracle drug: A look into Accutane and its mechanism

Patrick Nguyen - Many teens and young adults face one of the most common conditions; acne. Let’s take a look at the miracle-like yet controversial drug, Accutane, that has been curing acne since 1982.

  Mehri Sadri   28 Sep 2020   2 min
COVID-19’s educational impacts: back to school

Mehri Sadri - With COVID-19 proving persistent in the United States, school districts across the country are left with the tough decision on how to gauge their fall school semesters; whether they be fully online, fully in-school or a hybrid of both.

  Reagan Smith   26 Sep 2020   3 min
Sweden’s Controversial Approach to COVID-19

Reagan Smith - Sweden has had a unique response to COVID-19, as the leading epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has refused to compromise freedom for the sake of lowering cases. In his home country, he is a hero; in other places, he is an example of what not to do.