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  Angela Zhang   16 Aug 2020   5 min
Quarantine's effect on pets: Quirky behaviors explained

   Due to quarantine orders, pet owners across the world have been cooped up at home with their pets for months on end. As a result, many owners have been noticing that their animals are acting strangely and are wondering why that is.

  Ari Rednour   16 Aug 2020   7 min
The effects of blue light on eyes

   In a time where we have been forced to rely on our electronic devices, the blue light our eyes intake has only skyrocketed with the increased use of electronics. What is really happening to our eyes on a chemical and biological level as they absorb this new level of blue light?

  Vrutti Patel   16 Aug 2020   2 min
6 scientific myths debunked

   In a world abundant with information, many widely known false beliefs, known as myths, have been circulating for some time. Let’s take a look at 6 of those most noted myths.

  Patrick Nguyen   12 Aug 2020   3 min
Online learning vs. Physical learning

   With the school year nearing, there is a divide between the choice of classroom learning vs. online learning. Let’s analyze the risks of each style and bring light to the ongoing debate.

  Ramizah Tayiba   09 Aug 2020   1 min
Why the SpaceX Launch was significant

   While we are living during a major global pandemic, there has been a huge development in space aviation as SpaceX became the first privately owned company to send astronauts to the ISS.

  Carrie Shim   09 Aug 2020   2 min
Safety concerns of COVID-19 vaccine

   Amidst the urgency to find the vaccine for COVID-19, experts fear that it may not be so simple. Studies have shown that there are various dangers that scientists need to be aware of.

  Benjamin Tang & Teddy Rosenthal   08 Aug 2020   2 min
The weak nuclear force and why it's important

   The weak interaction is one of four forces that governs the laws of the universe. What is its history? Why is it an important topic in modern physics?

  Mihir Kulkarni   02 Aug 2020   1 min
A new frontier for the Arab world

   The United Arab Emirates successfully launched their first orbiter to Mars, becoming the first Arab nation to do so. What does it mean for the future?

  Patrick Nguyen   30 Jul 2020   4 min
COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons to learn from New Zealand

   With schools, businesses, and events shut down across the globe, New Zealand was able to fight the pandemic with their effective system. But how exactly did they do it?

  Mehri Sadri   30 Jul 2020   4 min

   Zathura, a children’s book written by Chris Van Allsburg includes both science and art in order to create an appealing story for not just children, but all ages.