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  Angela Zhang   28 Jul 2020   4 min
Napping technology: Where nappiness begins

   Everyone needs sleep. But most people don’t get enough of it at night. So what’s the solution? Napping! And with the aid of cutting-edge napping technology, your snooze session can become even more enjoyable.

  Valeria Rivadeneyra   28 Jul 2020   2 min
Observing the gender inequality of COVID-19 through statistics

   The COVID-19 threatens to widen the current gender wage gap, as well as to exacerbate gender-based violence and generate new inequalities that women will have to face in their homes.

  Ramizah Tayiba   24 Jul 2020   2 min
COVID-19 on wildlife

   With the human population confined indoors, wildlife has become increasingly braver. During the lockdown, animals have been penetrating into urban areas without human interference. These examples really make us question our relationship with nature.

  André Lombardi   24 Jul 2020   4 min
Processing different odors

   You enter your grandmother’s kitchen...Ahhhh, the pleasant aroma of your favorite meal filling the room. Find out the astounding trickery behind how our bodies smell objects!

  Famesh Patel   24 Jul 2020   4 min
Living in technicolor: The significance of synesthesia

   Synesthesia is an extremely common, but unknown disorder that causes people’s senses to be triggered.

  Mehri Sadri   18 Jul 2020   4 min
The art behind the Antennae galaxy

   The Antennae galaxy located in Corvus is created in a unique manner that can be observed and discussed through both a scientific and artistic standpoint.

  Ramizah Tayiba   13 Jul 2020   3 min
COVID-19 on the climate

   The COVID-19 outbreak has confined the majority of the population to their homes. This major cutback in energy usage has led to the biggest carbon drop in history. Despite this milestone, it is not enough to undo the effects of global warming. So what needs to be done?

  Ashley Lee   09 Jul 2020   5 min
The ethics behind the COVID-19 vaccine in the development stage

   As governments, private companies, and research centers across the world race to find the most effective vaccine for COVID-19, it is inevitable for ethical concerns to arise amongst many scientists and communities.

  Carrie Shim   09 Jul 2020   3 min
How personality plays a role in behavior of individuals during COVID-19

   The relationship between the personality and behavior of individuals during the COVID-19 lockdown is something important to keep in mind during this time...

  Ryan Liu & Albert Oh   28 Jun 2020   7 min
COVID-19 in the United States and South Korea: Why America failed in containing the pandemic

   As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches into its sixth month, many countries around the world are cautiously returning to normal life, attempting to maintain a delicate balance between public and economic health.